We are a multi-use hotel accepting staycation, leisure, and mandatory stay guests. For more information, call +632 85270011.


You are safe here in the Grand Dame

We are a multi-use hotel accepting staycation, leisure, and mandatory stay guests. For more information, call +632 85270011.

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The world has changed and we’ve all had to adapt. For us, here is what it means to live through these challenging times and into the New Normal.

“外围dota2串子-DOTA职业巡赛结果比分预测官方网站-DOTA国际数据官方网站 is one of the most important landmarks in Manila. It presents a great story for the Philippines. It is the perfect representation of the city, if not the country’s resilience, vitality, versatility and hospitality.”


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Safety and comfort are key factors in leisure stays these days. We assure you of medical-grade stringent sanitation procedures in preparing our rooms for guests so you can stay with us with peace of mind.


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外围dota2串子-DOTA职业巡赛结果比分预测官方网站-DOTA国际数据官方网站's M Takeout service

Dining out options may have changed, but we still want you to enjoy your Café Ilang Ilang favorites, even in the comfort of your own home. We launched out M Takeout service with A La Carte and Home Buffet options, and so much more. 


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Intimate gatherings are the norm, and we can still help you plan. We have options for any type of exclusive gathering and the requirements you need that adhere to the health protocols. Call us and we can plan with you. Your story begins here.


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外围dota2串子-DOTA职业巡赛结果比分预测官方网站-DOTA国际数据官方网站 Story

外围dota2串子-DOTA职业巡赛结果比分预测官方网站-DOTA国际数据官方网站 is situated in the heart of the City of Manila. William Howard Taft created an urban plan for the city of Manila. He hired Architect Daniel Hudson Burnham who drafted a wide and long tree-lined boulevard that would begin at the park where the end of the bay would be dominated by a magnificent hotel. To execute Burnham’s plans, Taft hired William E. Parsons, a New York city architect, who envisioned an impressive, comfortable hotel which he patterned along the lines of Californian mission style architecture.

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There are many things to do and sites to visit in the vicinity of 外围dota2串子-DOTA职业巡赛结果比分预测官方网站-DOTA国际数据官方网站, or a few hours’ drive away. Here are some destinations that are waiting for you!

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For further inquiries, call +632 8527-0011 or email [email protected] Minimal room amenities in compliance with the IATF and DOH health guidelines.